About us

Syrah is the story of a meeting, of a common desire, of a shared vision and the aspiration to take up a challenge. Parysatis and Marion embark on this adventure together on September 2020. Evenings and weekends' adventure, this experience is above all free because it is self-financed and independent.

The desire to create a sunny, generous, timeless brand inspired by the soft rays of the sun, faded colors, shared memories, pieces handed down. From a vision, we wanted to offer a more responsible, accessible, timeless and unique wardrobe in which we feel confident, sexy. But we also have a challenge: to reduce the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry, on our scale to make a difference, to be an alternative. Even if it is impossible to produce in a 100% responsible and sustainable way, we believe that a more respectful approach to the environment, and to stakeholders is possible.

 We have decided not to produce any raw materials while making our own brand clothes. We use existing materials (end of rolls, fabric scraps, etc.) and recycled materials (cotton, polyester, etc.).

At Syrah you will find Vintage pieces, Upcycled pieces and our own brand creations made from upcycled and recycled materials.

Our mission in 3 words?

RETHINK: Rethinking the fashion industry, for more sustainable and less polluting fashion, but above all for responsible AND accessible fashion. We wanted to show that making responsible fashion, accessible fashion and more transparent fashion coexist is possible.  

REDUCE: Reducing our global impact, zero impact does not exist we know but we do our best to limit it. On average, 70% of the environmental impact of the production and manufacture of clothing comes from the choice and production of the raw material; This is why we have decided not to produce any raw material for making our own brand clothes. We use existing materials (end of rolls, fabric scraps, etc.) and recycled materials (cotton, polyester, etc.).

REUSE: Reuse as much as possible existing materials and resources, bring to light hidden and forgotten vintage pieces. We believe that clothes should be created with a view to sustainability and longevity. This is why we wanted to create an offer of vintage clothing, upcycled clothing and incorporated recycled materials, in order to (re) give life to things that would have been wasted, or that would have contributed to pollute.

We do not pretend to do everything perfectly, we still have a lot of challenges to take up, improvements to make but on our scale, with our means, with common sense, and thanks to you we are working on it a little more every day. .

Parysatis & Marion