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Our materials: Our mission is not to produce any raw material for the making of our clothes. The excesses of the fashion industry's past now allow us to give a second life to these overproduced, stored and abandoned materials.
  • Upcycled material: These are end of rolls, unused fabric scraps.
  • Recycled material: Recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool ...

We have chosen to use these materials to give them a second life, thus avoiding new production but also by reducing pollution by these materials which are often burned or abandoned. Depending on our findings, we favor more or less one of these alternatives.
For our buttons, we have also chosen to dig into the remains of dormant stocks, in too small a quantity for the big players in the market, we revalue them on our scale. We are still working to find other alternatives for our buttons and other supplies made from recycled materials.

Our manufacturers: We select our manufacturers, our workshops for their know-how, more than just manufacturers are real partners with whom we share the Syrah adventure. We manufacture in France to limit the kilometers traveled, to be able to visit our workshops and adjust prototypes with them, to benefit from their expertise and advice.

Our packaging and co: For our packaging we have chosen recycled cardboard, compostable sachets, vegetable ties, small seeded cards to write you all our love and so that you in turn can return it to the earth , our planet.